Pittock Mansion, Rose Test Garden, Japanese Garden

Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 12:15pm to 5:00pm

A house of historical significance and visual magnificence, the Pittock Mansion today offers us a uniquely personal opportunity to peek into the past, and study our world as it was – from the viewpoint of one Portland family. With its eclectic architectural design and richly decorated interior, including family artifacts, the Pittock Mansion stands today as a living memorial of this family’s contributions to the blossoming of Portland and its people.
A short bus ride away is the Rose Test Garden. One of Portland's nicknames is the City of Roses, and this town has long been an incubator for the scented beauties. In 1917 the International Rose Test Garden was born, and lives on as the oldest official, continuously operated, public rose test garden in the United States.
Then we go to the 5.5 acre Japanese Garden. It is composed of five distinct garden styles. When we enter a Japanese garden, the desired effect is to realize a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility and to experience the feeling of being a part of nature. (Box lunches provided.)