Special Interest Groups

PDX2015 will feature activities and displays by four Special Interest Groups (SIGs). As the name implies, SIGs are groups formed around a particular interest within the broad umbrella of model railroading. Each of the groups will have a presence at the convention site. In addition, the Layout Design and Operations SIGs will sponsor activities away from the convention site. Listed below are the four participating SIGs, some with external links.

Layout Design SIG

Operations SIG

Railroad Prototype Modelers

Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) is an informal collection of modelers with a keen interest in prototype modeling. http://www.railroadprototypemodelers.com/ RPM events bring together model displays and modelers to discuss modeling techniques and enjoy each other’s craftsmanship. The RPM display is not a judged contest (such as the formal NMRA Contest), rather it is a display meant to serve as a starting point for discussions of modeling railroad equipment. The RPM Activities will take place in the Broadway Room.

S-Scale SIG

The S-Scale SIG expects to have a display and information on modeling in S-Scale. http://sscale.org/