This year's dinner will be held at the Widmer Brothers Brewery and Pub. The Dinner will start with a 'No- Host' bar cocktail hour at 6:00 p.m., with a choice of Sirloin steak or Salmon, with a vegetarian option, followed by our speaker, Bruce Chubb (of Sunset Valley and C/MRI fame).
The speaker at the LDSIG dinner is Dr. Bruce Chubb, whose Sunset Valley Oregon System has been widely covered in the model railroad press. The focus of the presentation is the extensive impact that the LDSIG and OPSIG played throughout the entire development of the Sunset Valley Oregon System including prototypical research, layout planning, design, construction and operational phases. The story of this evolutionary process makes for an ideal case study of a real-life example with measurable results. The overall project is monumental with 38 crew members participating in the layout's construction and operation. The resulting layout occupies 2600 sq. feet with up to 4-decks. This evolutionary story covering its research, planning, design, construction and operation with major influential contributions provided by the LDSIG and OP-SIG membership, coupled with extensive inputs from the membership of five prototype Railroad Historical and Technical Societies, makes for a fascinating journey with lessons to be learned by any student of design for prototypical operation. Dr. Chubb rolled out his plan for the SVOS in 1994 at the last NMRA convention in Portland and we are delighted to have him present his story from other end of the journey
Tickets for this event will be limited. Car Pools can be ar-ranged through the LDSIG in the SIG Room, but the brewery is a short ride away via Portland’s MAX light rail.
(Purchase your tickets at the Convention Registration Desk) Ticket sales close at 12:00 noon, Tuesday.

Directions for using Transit to get to the dinner can be found on the Transit Page.

Friday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM TBA