Clinic List

The list of Rail Clinics is now available in DRAFT form. It is subject to change, but will give you a good idea of the depth and breath of topics that will be presented at the convention. As we have over 150 clinics, finding what is of interest to you can be daunting. To help make this easier, there are numerous "Views" of the Clinic information so that you can approach it from different directions. All of the views refer to the same information and there are many hyper-links between the various details so that you can move around easily. If you have one clinic displayed, it will show the name of the clinician, the room it is in, the topics of the presentation, etc. If you then click on any of these links, you will see all of the related items. For example, you can click on the clinician's name from one clinic to find out if they are presenting any other clinics.

All clinicians and attendees should be familiar with the NMRA National Convention Clinic or Presentation Videotape and Streaming Policy

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