Arrow Lake & Western

Southern British Columbia, Canada Semi-Freelance Canadian Pacific two level shelf layout loosely based on southern BC. GN/BN and SP transfers. Features include the Slocan Car Ferry that moves from the first level to the second level via a linear actuator. Many 3D Printed features including the barge. RFID car for-warding. Ring Engineering RailPro control. Actual SP Signal in the backyard.

Baker & Grand Ronde

This must see layout has hand-laid track and scratch built buildings, a 6' H x 20' L curved trestle with a Howe Truss center span. The layout features RC/ battery operation with sound. The mainline runs along a scale river. This model RR features miniature vegetation and finely trimmed Pine trees. The layout is point-to-point in design/operation. The Baker & Grande Ronde RR was featured in the April, 2013 Garden Railways magazine. There is also a shop, with railroad yard and construction space.


The Batline Railroad is a point to point, around the walls helix with 2 or 3 decks and a middle peninsula. It stresses forwarding of cars and uses car cards in 3-bin boxes. It has wide aisles and drop-ins spanning the entrance door.

Bear Creek & South Jackson

Beautiful Mountain and valley scenery set this layout in the Oregon Cascades and Willamette Valley. 300’ mainline plus three branches. Digital DCC. TTTO ops.
Two yards build trains. Mostly scratch built turnouts. Custom control electronics. Massive staging area. Featured 50+ times in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

Bears Paw Southern

This large scale pike of over 1200' track begins in a landscaped front yard with a waterfall and miniature trees. The line circles entirely around the home through mountains, by ponds, along cedar fences and under a real vineyard before entering the basement. Multiple types of construction methods for large scale railroads are visible on this railroad which has been under development for about five years. The excavated basement has been lined with stone block and valence lighted. Scenery techniques include extruded cast foam as well as natural rock.

Blueberry Mountain Railroad

The Blueberry Mountain Railroad was started fifteen years ago, running under a few blueberry bushes that gave the railroad its name. Now trains run through two tunnels, under a "mountain" and past a sawmill, a town and farm, each with some detailed wood and stone struc-tures. There is 230 feet of track bordered with miniature trees, bushes and ground covers that add to the realism.

Cajon Pass

This layout models the 1950 Cajon Pass Summit area in great detail, nearly uncompressed, as well as part of the grade that leads to it. Hand laid Central Valley track with 60" minimum radius is scaled from Santa Fe blueprints and scenery is scaled from USGS topo maps.

Camp Creek Railroad

Camp Creek RR was started in 2007 under three large Scotch pine trees. It took less than six months to realize this location was a bad idea because of the dripping sap and a lot of pine needles. The trees had to go. The road-bed was reconfigured to allow it to run through one of the stumps. Big hit! Opening the area allowed more natural light, was great for the survival of existing plants and adding stepables (groundcover). The railroad was ex-panded in 2012. 390 linear feet of track with two spurs.

Canyon Creek Timber Railway

NCE DCC Freelanced standard gauge logging operation set in scenic Skamania County, Washington. Cradled by Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens
(before she blew her top). Emphasis is on scenery, following Canyon Creek through logging scenes from mountain water falls to the shallow stream below with lots of trees.

Cascade County Narrow Gauge

Based on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge. The railroad is set in the 1925 to 1935 time frame in South-western Oregon from Cascade to Murphy. Five locomotives, either 2-8-0’s, 2-6-0’s, and a 4-4-0 provide the power. There are about 80 freight and 5 passenger cars that provide the rolling stock. The railroad runs with one dispatcher and 5 operators, on modified TWC and station phones.

Cascade Pacific

Digitrax DCC. Loosely based on the line from Albany to Toledo, OR, the Cascade Pacific Railroad moved freight from the port at Toledo to Albany for interchange with Southern Pacific. The old layout was demolished in 2011. We are in our third year of construction, with everything from bare plywood to completed scenes.

Cascade Timber Railroad

NCE DCC controlled Cascade Timber explores Pacific Northwest logging operations in 1945-55. Two logging camps/reloads are connected to a mill complex with log pond and SP&S/GN mainline. Branch lines extend to a port area and a grain elevator in wheat country. Operations include steam and diesel.

Chehalis Railroad

Control Method - Digitrax DCC with Simplex Radio and JMRI Wifi throttle support. Located inside the Northern Pacific Chehalis Depot (now the Historical Museum), the
layout is a depiction of the railroads of Lewis County including the NP, GN, BN, UP, Milwaukee, and the Chehalis Western. Both the north/south mainline, the NP Willapa branch, and logging railroading are displayed.
There are a number of fine scratch built and kit built
structures. The mainline has computer controlled bidirectional
signalling. A free gift bag will be given to
each attendee.

Colorado and Southern

Battery and NCE DCC power. Outdoor loop to loop railroad single track mainline, with 4 passing sidings. Northern Division 350' climbs at 2% grade to Summit at top of berm. Three tunnels total 90' with 50' river and pond. Southern Division is 100' long industrial loop. Ten track classification yard between with large turntable, scratch built 7 stall roundhouse, complete engine facili-ties. Built for operations.

Columbia Gorge

Visit the host club for the Convention. One of the largest clubs on the West Coast at 4200 square feet, modeling the Columbia Gorge from Portland to Hood River and Wishram. See models of Crown Point, Portland’s Union Station, an operating Steel Bridge and so much more. We have combined reality of the 1950’s in Oregon and Washington along with fantasy like Bigfoot, The Starship Enterprise and even the Doctor WHO Tardis. We run with NCE DCC.

Consolidated Republic Mining

Digitrax DCC controls the CRMRR, set in north central Washington, circa 1935. Scale is 1:32, gauge is 20”. The railroad’s function is to move ore and supplies between
the mines and the mills. Enter through a simulated mine opening and it’s like you’re transported into the scene.

D&RGW and C&S

O/On3. This layout models the D&RGW from Alamosa to Durango, Colorado with hidden storage for the Silverton and Farmington Branches. The period is 1950 to 1968. The layout, started in April of 1988, was originally located in Concord, CA, and was moved to Vancouver, WA in September 2010. All of the trackwork is in and working with NCE-DCC.

Dairyville Pacific

Located at Alpenrose Dairy, Portland Area N-Trak is a 100% NMRA member, modular N-Scale Club. We operate year-round at all Alpenrose public events. We are primarily a display layout, and are working toward initiating Operations Sessions in the near future. We have a 75% Digitrax DCC, 25% DC layout, and use the N-Trak standards for our modules.

Dansky and Whipple Creek

TMCC run and conventional Lionel. O, standard, monorail, 2 7/8”, OO gauges. Usually operate 5 trains at one time. See layout in TM's Great Layouts #4. Tin plate fantasy is the theme. Not serious about scale. 1,000+ trains on display: Lionel, American Flyer, Dorfan, Ives, Overland Flyer, Marx, Hornby, Bassett Lowke, Paya, Märklin, JEP, Electoy, Voltamp, Maras-ceau, Ferris, Buddy-L, Non-Pareil, Hoge, Dominion Flyer, Unique and more.

Denver & Rio Grande Western

One of the most detailed indoor F scale railroads in the world. 45 x 90 ft. 100% complete. NCE DCC controlled with Phoenix sound. 24 hour lighting effects and sound effects. Modeled after the D&RGW and RGS in the 1940's.
Out door Live Steam RR:
Known around the world for its quality and ingenuity, this 11,000ft long railroad features a 410ft long 30ft high bridge, plus a 325ft long tunnel. Home to a 1/1/2" scale Big Boy and 2 1/2" scale K-36 locomotive plus dozens of pieces of scale rolling stock.

Div. of ATSF

This is a Digitrax controlled, 650' double and single track mainline with 40-50 car freights rolling across the spectacular mountains and canyons of Northern Arizona in 1967. Two levels at 43" and 56" provide brisk mainline action, a 200' helper district and lots of switching in a carpeted depot with Air Conditioning.

DRGW - G; C and E - HO

The freelance HO layout uses DC power with variable transformers. This all Diesel layout is modeling the Crownville and Eastern Railroad. There are steam engines on display just like today.
The outdoor layout runs from the front yard to the back and has a major yard. There is nearly 1000’ of track and a second yard which is in the basement.

DRGW Tennessee Pass & Royal Gorge

DCC controlled, detected, signaled, and dispatched from computer dispatching panel. Double deck layout with 7 scale miles of mainline track. Closely follows condensed prototype that includes Pueblo to Royal Gorge, Malta to Minturn, Monarch Branch, and La Junta, CO. Scratch and kitbashed structures. Beautiful fall scenery. Featured in N Scale Railroading, May-June 2009 and Model Railroad Hobbyist, June 2013.

Freelance Northwest

The Idaho, Great Basin & Pacific is a fictional north-south road that runs from Idaho to Southern California. This N-scale 12' x 12' layout depicts the end of the transition era between 1950-1965. The layout is DCC and features "bender board" road bed spline and carved foam scenery with a hard shell cap. The landscape is generic western mountain scenery with sweeping curves designed for passenger train operation. Scenery is well along. Layout includes award winning modular section.

Freelance 1

The layout is three-rail with scenery that fills the room. There are three towns and two industrial areas. The control system is Lionel TMCC. Six trains can be operated at the same time. Trains stop and start through a relay system. There are 20 engines; Steam, Diesel and Electric. About 280 freight cars and 35 passenger cars which are all on the layout.

Freelance 2

Control method is mostly Lionel TMCC and MTH DCS. 1500-square foot layout using 3-rail O gauge trains (Lionel). 26 isolated loops with multiple trains. Almost all trains are modern 1990 - 2014. Scenery is divided between modern local Pacific Northwest, and ancient and modern Israel.

Freelance 3

Theme is GN over electrified division at Stevens Pass, with steam at both ends. It has approx. 1000 ft. of hand laid rail and DCC as power source. It is a continuous loop with 1% grades from the West and 2% from the East. See the article in January 2015 NMRA Magazine.

Freelance 4

This is a DC layout fashioned after a 60's idyllic small town and countryside with 1-coal, 1-oil, 1-freight and 1-passenger loop. There is a large refinery area, an industrial district, town center, and country side.

Freelance 5

This layout was built with the idea of using it as a teaching tool as well as for fun for the students at our school. The layout is a double mainline most of the way round with a main yard, steam facility with round-house, diesel facility, 2 passenger depots, and a mountain division that is under construction.

Freelance 6

DC 2.5 years into construction fully functional, scenery mostly completed. Yard area includes roundhouse and other facilities mainlines: 4 continuous loops with passing sidings, 2 loops are east-west at an average height of 50", minimum radius of 48", one loop contains grades to achieve a height of 55", the remaining loop runs from this 55" height to a height of 56" with minor grades.

Freelance 7

A compact layout that represents the West Coast to East Coast on a flat, modern layout with pool power and lots of point-to-point operations. All the UP heritage units and
half of the NS heritage units are included (but not all on the layout at once). BNSF, UP, NS, CSXT, KCS, CP, CN, and a few others are represented.

Freelance 8

Four mainlines run the perimeter of the large room with a single leaf bascule bridge allowing visitor access to the center of the layout. A large passenger yard and station is
completed plus a second yard under construction. The layout is made for switching, to there is little scenery.

Freelance 9

The club started in 1975, and is in the basement of the Mt. Tabor Masonic Lodge. The 1200 square foot layout models scenes of the Northwest. The mainline extends about Seven scale miles. Riveston and Bridgeport are connected by a double-ended 10 yard track concealed beneath a mountain ridge. There are many fine details and lots of things to look for.

Freelance – Fort Vancouver Terminal

The NCE DCC controlled layout includes industrial, logging and main line freight and passenger operations. A connected industrial switching layout is in an adjoining space. The era of operation depends on the members that are operating. The logging operations include a branch with truck reload and spar tree high-line rig. Scenery reflects the Pacific Northwest. Diesel and steam facilities, including turntable, are part of the main yard.

Grand Rapids Terminal

The Grand Rapids Terminal is a switching railroad set in Michigan, 1959. The PRR, C&O and NYC share trackage into a Union Depot near downtown, just north of Hughart yard. Furniture and auto industries domi-nate the economy. CVP DCC controls an 80 foot main line on this around the walls walkaround layout with hidden garage staging.

Great Basin & Pacific

Digitrax DCC. The Great Basin and Pacific is a freelance version of the Southern Pacific's Modoc Line, between Klamath Falls, Oregon and Wendel, California. Year is 1952, after the Southern Pacific assumed control of the GB&P. S.P. steam locomotives are working out their last years on this line.

Great Northern

Hi Rail TMCC & Conventional, Northend features mountain scenery with water fall, lake, tunnels. Central features suburban station, houses, business, theater, shopping. South end features city with main street and larger structures and industrial area. Some older engines converted from conventional to ERR Cruise Commander.

Great Northern, SP&S, Teal Lumber RR

This steam-to-diesel transition layout run by an MRC DCC controller features mountain railroading in the northwest. Scenes include mining, abandoned mines, camping, farming, snow, and multiple water features. There is a separate custom-painted logging railroad with mill town, sawmill and pond, plus a fully-detailed logging camp. Several automations and sound are also installed around the layout.

Lone Pine Western

All R/C battery power. 80' x 36' layout through and around 7' mountain range across back yard, 600'+ of track, 400' of mainline track, 7 tunnels - one is 40' long, 70' stream with 3 waterfalls and 4 bridges. The LP&W is a single track branch line connecting the mythical transcontinental junction at Lone Pine with the mines in the Lone Pine Mountains. The line main-tains a 1% to 1-1/2% grade by following the Clear Water River into the mountains and with the use of numerous tunnels. This railroad was featured in the June-2014 issue of Garden Railways Magazine.

Longview, Kelso, Rainier RR

Radio DC and MRC DCC. Well established portable sectional club layout with scenery changing liftouts. Many commercial and kit bashed structures, carved cliffs, grain silos and other industries, plus a neat farmstead. Also a 10-foot staging yard, branch line featuring tourist train and small town industries. 'U' shape, double track oval mainline with yard, local industries, and highline branch line. Hand-painted backdrops with foam based textured mountain scenery means bring your video and photo cameras! Visitors will also see 3 more layouts here in HO, Lionel, and 'N' scale.

M-K-T Sherman Branch

My urban DC switching layout represents the southern terminal of the M-K-T’s Sherman branch from Dennison. A crew of three operates the local that switches 12 industries and two interchanges. The layout features code 70 and 55 track. Small and large industries are nicely modeled in this northern Texas setting.

Montana Rail Link

It is modeled after the Helena, Montana area. DC powered with three levels, horseshoe grades at 2%, 4-5 engines per train because of the grades and over 40 car trains. Some trains use DPU's on the back and some are mid-train. Limited to 5 people at a time.

North Bank Road

The North Bank Road represents the Spokane, Portland & Seattle's first division from Vancouver to Wishram, WA. with two branch lines. The layout is set in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. This is a double deck, around the walls layout covering 550 Sq. Ft.

Northwest logging demo

Of particular interest to the loggers and those interested in working machinery among you, we have lined up a very interesting tour. These days it is very rare to be able to see a full sized multi-spool logging engine (donkey) working but here’s your chance to see some working 1.5” scale donkey engine models. A group of local modelers sets up every summer to run a scale logging operation, complete with a highline yarder pulling in logs from the canyon and a loader picking them up and loading them onto log cars for the train to haul the logs “to the mill”.

Occidental Northern

Set in Central Oregon running north/south between Southern Canada and Northern California during the 1950's, specifically 1956. All motive power is first generation diesel. Passenger service provided by Budd RDC cars. Both mainline and branch line industrial operation.

Oregon Pacific

The Oregon Pacific is a DC layout modeling the line from the mid-Willamette Valley to Yaquina Bay, built in the 1880's and still running. The layout features four towns and includes Beaver State University (a.k.a. O.S.U.) where the builder taught for 32 years.

Partytown and Farmdale Railroad

The Partytown and Farmdale Railroad is a privately-owned (formerly Southern Pacific branch) freight and passenger line running from Gotham City on the East end to its terminus in Vineyard Village in the West. The visible portion is about 12’ x 50’, #1 gauge (1/32), all indoors, automated, with lots of lights and animation. Most of the rolling stock was purchased from domestic lines such as Southern Pacific and Union Pacific, with some imported from Germany.

PC&N Railway

A freelance HOn3 layout set on the Oregon Coast. Run-ning from the Port in Pacific City over the Coast Range Mountains to the Interchange town of Equinox in the Willamette Valley. A shot of the PC&N Ry is featured on the cover of White River Productions 2014 HOn3 Annual.

Port Townsend Southern

Digitrax DCC controlled. This proto/freelanced layout is a modern version of a historical railroad that existed in turn-of-the-century Thurston County, Washington. It
features 1950’s-60’s equipment, including steam and early diesels on a bridge line of the Portland-Seattle mainline which leases track rights to northwest railroads:
NP, UP, GN, and Milwaukee.

Roaring Western Gorge

Long 60-foot unit trains are the norm here on this layout, plus long passenger trains. Highlights include a 24 foot model circus, airport, winter sports area, large grain elevator, campground, cemetery, and town scenes. And a 20-foot 6-track passenger station, plus stub ended business car tracks and a passenger train car wash. Staging area uses a 16-foot long 16-track yard. Bring your video and photo cameras!

Shady Dell Live Steam

The train park was founded in 1954 by Harry Harvey, who had a dream to provide a place where families could go to ride and learn about trains. When he died he left the park, to the Pacific Northwest Live Steamers. The club acquired the other three acres over time for expansion. Today the park features 4,200 feet of 7½-inch track that loops around a picnic area.

Sherwood, Shelton And Sarazen

The S.S.& S. Railway is an On30 freelance model layout designed for operation. Scenery is complete, but details are still being added. All locomotives are quipped with
Tsunami sound. Operation is by TT&TO with communication by written orders and telephone. The era is early 1900s in Western Washington.

Siskiyou Line

HO Multi-deck mushroom design depicting the Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line of southern Oregon in the 1980s. Uses NCE wireless DCC for control, and covers the
prototype route from Eugene, OR to the massive wood products facility in Dillard, OR. Also includes a freelanced version of the Coos Bay coast branch as it might have-
been into Roseburg, OR instead of Eugene.

Southern Pacific Cascade Line

NCE DCC radio throttle control is used. The Espee Cascade Line models SP’s Natron Cutoff from a Willamette Valley base at Eugene up to Cascade Summit and the original division boundary at Crescent Lake (upper staging). Local valley freight operations include Eugene, Springfield and Oakridge. Manned mid-train helpers are the focus of the historic 1.8% mountain climb. The railroad features 20-feet long sidings. The railroad is designed for operations by a minimum crew of six with a normal crew of 12-15 operators. A CTC signal and control system is under development.

Southern Pacific in Oregon

Operated by Digitrax DCC. Two level railroad is in a 36x48 building, with a double helix in a separate room. We have steam & diesel, some sound. This railroad depicts SP and its branch lines from Eugene to Klamath Falls, East & West side branches to Portland, and a branch to Coos Bay, with a lot of harbor scenes. An extra feature is a switchback with logging and a large sawmill.

Southern Pacific Shasta Division

Layout is 2-rail, is complete and runs on DCC using NCE control system. Analog operation is supported. Mostly steam with some early diesels. Modeled after Dunsmuir and the area north of Dunsmuir on the SP’s Shasta Division. Locomotives are all brass from vari-ous manufacturers. Rolling stock is either brass or kit built and all locomotives and rolling stock are painted.

Southwestern Pacific Railroad

Southwestern Pacific Railroad is a completely sceniced western theme freelance single track, in a detached garage along the Washougal River. Era-shifting changeable building modules, block signals, full surround backdrop, on a western trunk line with UP and BNSF trackage rights and a rich history of past SP and Santa Fe operations. See the article in December 2014 NMRA Magazine.

Staver Locomotive

An indoor #1 gauge layout, in a large industrial space, specifically built to run live steam locomotives. Staver Locomotive track plan is a folded dog bone with no scen-ery. There is room to walk with your train around the entire layout. This is necessary with live steam, since hands-on control is necessary at all times. The area inside the layout is set up with work stations for the preparation of steam engines. There is no electricity to the rails, so battery power is the other option for running. The track-age is mostly a single track mainline with sidings.

Sugar Pine Lumber

This Lenz DCC-powered Sugar Pine Lumber Company/Minarets & Western Railway prototype-based layout models the company's woods-to-mill and mainline interchange logging company operations circa September 1927. It features double deck construction, dual staging yards, a helix, code 70 and 55 track. The layout is all steam with some sound units.

Tehama Valley Railroad

The Tehama Valley Railroad (TVRR) is a freelanced Northern California short line that runs through the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Foothills in the late 1940’s.
The TVRR interchanges directly with the SP, and with the WP and ATSF through a former interurban line. The line primarily serves the agricultural and lumber industries.

Tualatin Valley & Western

This is a DCC layout depicting the Southern Pacific from Eugene to Klamath Falls with emphasis on the massive mill at West Fir Logging. The mainline has a prototypical grade of 2% and climbs two and half feet in elevations. Enjoy the end of steam and first genera-tion diesel power. (Square footage-2600)

Underground Railroad

This layout has been dubbed the Underground RR since Joe dug out his basement to provide space. LGB track is used and much of the rolling stock is LGB. An outside section has been added on both sides of the house. There is a large display of scratch built and LGB items.

Union Pacific and Burlington Northern

This is a Digitrax DCC, and signaled layout with an automated dispatcher’s panel using JMR Panelpro. This N-Scale layout is a model of specific spots along the Columbia River Gorge depicting the rails on both sides of the river, OR and WA. We have tried to capture the basalt rock geology of the river and industrial areas along the way from eastern Portland to The Dalles and beyond. It is a point to point operation from two yards on either end servicing lumber, grain, fruit, rock crushing, and typical PNW industries. This layout is in the basement of The Hobbysmith Train shop.

Union Pacific Oregon Division

DCC-Digitraxx & Sound. Emphasis is on operation, scenery and highly detailed, plus masterfully weathered locomotives and rolling stock. The layout is built into a
former 12' x 12' foot tool shed, fully insulated, carpeted and well-lit. During operating sessions multiple trains run from an engine facility through highly detailed scenery
with cityscapes, farmland, creeks and forest.

W. Hill and Colorado Midland

Easy DCC. This Rocky Mt. Logging Railroad has dramatic rock castings from 24" off the floor to over 7ft. high with trees from 20'' to 2" tall going up into the "Sawatch Mt. Range", producing a realistic forced prospective of high elevations and great distances, giving breath taking views of a Rocky Mountains Railroad landscape. Finely detailed scenes of a 1920 saw mill, spar pole logging, town, engine yard, ore stamp mill, and a cattle ranch and more.

Western Oregon Branch Line

This modular layout has found a permanent location in the SW Portland Alpenrose Dairy. See standard HO, HO European, HOn3, OO, and Japanese 1/80 scale HO. There are two towns and a Carnival with several rides; all served by a three track mainline with a spiral that opens to several levels. There is also a fully painted backdrop.

Willamette Western

We’re a freelance Digitrax DCC HO layout with double dogbone style mains looping thru mountains, valleys, towns, across large steel bridge, trestles, peninsulas, and main yards. An industrial line loops off main yard thru bay-front town, industrial yard, under layout, to center mining area and then back into bay yard. Lots of hidden track, tunnels, reverses loops, to keep engineers on their toes. Our second room has two yards for train set up, holding and main line through track.

Willow Creek Railroad Museum

Willow Creek Railroad Museum is located at the Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon. WCRR was founded in 1975 as a place where live steamers could gather to share their interests in trains and enjoy outdoor miniature railroading. Our steam and diesel powered trains are 1:8 scale replicas - large enough for the whole family to ride! In 2001 we completed the track portion of our new plan to enlarge our track to over 5000 feet.